Creatively inspired. Rhythmically led.

While her name is an acronym for “the other kid you overlook”, DJ Adora TOKYO oversees beauty in energies, understood? She cultivates vibes beyond flashing lights, disco balls and libations. She sets moods. Intentions. She makes nights.

Nigerian roots stabilize her in the significance of a beat and strong mentorship from established disc jockeys, such as the 5 Star Generals, have developed her from a 15-year-old with new turn tables to a force speakers can barely contain and crowds can’t get enough of. Adora means “the girl loved by the people”/”the worlds daughter”.

Boundless, like her original music mixes.

DJ Adora TOKYO was raised between Atlanta, GA and St. Paul, MN. Yet, as a global citizen, her sets are not defined by geography, decade or genre. She has been spinning professionally for three years and is widely recognized for her ever-evolving style and fresh sound. A cultural influencer, inviting us to dream in song, love in motion and celebrate life together through her spins.

Her artistry extends beyond the make-up pallet she totes. DJ Adora TOKYO connects to her crowd, invests in their reactions and delivers on their intertwining emotions.




“I am most passionate about creating ambiances for people to feel inspired enough to move, relaxed enough to talk to strangers and bold enough to start a soul train line. I love bringing people together all in the name of music. I live my life in daily celebration and I’m passionate about others celebrating life too.”